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Each month we will reward one investor with 3% of our proffits fot the last 30 days and merch giveaways.

-Purchase your Hollywood Bananas NFT, post it on social media, follow and tag us in your post. (You cannot participate without following and tagging the Hollywood Bananas official accounts : Twitter @hollywoodbnns , Instagram @hollywoodbananas )


-Try to make your banana as famous as possible. (Get as many likes as you can on that single post)


-On the last day of every month (00:00 GMT -4) the contest ends.


-On the 3rd of the following month, the post with the most likes when the contest ended will be declared the winner, and will be awarded 3% of our profits for the last 30 days.

DO NOT CHEAT ! Any user that will buy likes (bots) for the posts will be disqualified.

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